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AGN – Supporting A Pan Asian Organization from China


AGN International is a global accounting association with over 200 member firms. Based in London, AGN saw its Asia-Pacific (APAC) faced the departure of the APAC Regional Director. Subsequently, APAC membership declined, and the regional Board became less active. When AGN came to Kellen, they were in urgent need of stable management that could lead AGN’s Asia-Pacific region on two fronts. Firstly, to improve the participation of current members, including a more active regional Board, and higher attendance at conferences and committee activities. Secondly, to increase membership, particularly in key areas with no members and become truly representative in the APAC region. 


Kellen offered AGN support throughout the Asia-Pacific from the Beijing office. The Kellen team serviced members in their native languages. From the central time zone of Beijing, the Kellen team was able to reconnect with members and set up regular calls across the region from Pakistan to Australia. On the membership development front, the Kellen team brought in sales and communication expertise to revitalize membership recruitment. Furthermore, the Kellen team brought in a professional event planner to oversee AGN’s Asia-Pacific conference, and to help facilitate AGN’s international conference. The Kellen team also brought back quarterly board calls and began to host three quarterly committees, turning AGN Asia-Pacific into one of the most active regions in the association. On all fronts, Kellen has provided holistic support that ensures rapid growth in the Asia-Pacific region. 

  • 15-20% new membership annually – 50% new membership over 3 years. 
  • New membership in key areas: Oceania, Singapore, India, South Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam. 
  • Increased diversity at the Asia-Pacific Conference, including first-time delegates from Bangladesh, Pakistan, United States, and United Kingdom. 
  • Return of quarterly Board calls and continuation  
  • New committee set-up and regular quarterly committee calls with increased attendance. 
  • Launch of a new Pan-Asian quarterly publication.  

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