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Architecting Association Aspirations

Having an unwavering commitment to understanding the needs of not-for-profit organizations is the cornerstone of our success and how we have become the “home for associations” 

  • Experience and understanding of both trade and professional organizations. 
  • Create a space for your members to call and mail, but we also build a sanctuary of belonging. Beyond the physical structure, Kellen architects a home of identity and values for your association.  
  • Gain access to specialists in areas such as public affairs, non-dues revenue growth, membership engagement and retention. 
  • Industry experts in verticals such as food & nutrition, healthcare, and buildings and materials 

At Kellen, the art of association management transcends conventional boundaries. Your dedicated team weaves together the aspirations of each association. With a blend of creativity, strategic thinking, and an ability to anticipate industry trends, Kellen guides associations through uncharted territories, transforming ambitions into tangible realities. 

Join Kellen as strategy and innovation intertwines with tradition, and where the impossible becomes attainable. Together, we will unlock the full potential of your association. 

We are more than an association management company, we are architects of association aspirations.

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