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Embarking on a journey of strategic growth and sustainability requires a holistic approach that aligns your mission and vision. At Kellen, we are your partners in this transformative endeavor, offering a suite of services designed to elevate your association’s standing. From crafting and implementing strategic plans to navigating the complex realms of membership engagement, advocacy, and revenue diversification, we bring expertise that spans the entire spectrum of association management. Join us as we explore proven strategies, best practices, and specialized resources tailored to empower your association with unparalleled excellence.

Strategic Growth

For sustainable growth and engagement to occur, your strategic objectives must align with your vision, mission, and financial state. We can help develop and implement strategic plans, conduct market research, evaluate the effectiveness of existing programs and initiatives, identify new opportunities for growth and expansion, and share how to best leverage technology and digital marketing to reach a broader audience and achieve greater impact.  


Engage your membership with community, events, and valuable professional and personal development resources; acquire new members through segmentation, value, and influence; retain members through gratitude, communication, and commitment.  

Advocacy & Awareness

Create effective advocacy strategies, raise awareness for your cause, identify key stakeholders and establish partnerships, develop messaging and communication plans, and organize events and campaigns to amplify your message. Expand your reach and make a greater impact.

Non-Dues Revenue

Identify new revenue streams, evaluate existing ones, develop and implement new fundraising initiatives, create effective sponsorship packages, identify potential sponsors, manage relationships, create and market educational programs, conferences, and other events that generate revenue. Diversify your revenue streams and achieve financial sustainability. 

Association Expertise

  • Strategy development and refinement
  • Best practices – what works and what doesn’t 
  • Program management and operational excellence 
  • Membership support and development 
  • Member communications

Specialized Resources

  • Government affairs, strategic communications, technical writing 
  • Marketing, public relations, and digital 
  • Content development and optimization 
  • Meetings and events 
  • Non-dues revenue development
  • Advocacy and public affairs 
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Efficiently oversee operations, governance, and member engagement for organizational success.

Expertise to amplify your message, engage stakeholders, and convey impact effectively.

Creative design solutions to enhance branding, engagement, and communication materials.

Deliver impactful educational programs that drive mission fulfillment and community impact.

Financial tools and expertise to maintain fiscal health and fulfill your organization’s mission.

Strategies and execution to raise awareness, attract support, and advance your mission.

Planning and executing successful meetings and events for networking, collaboration, and impact.

Grow, retain and engage your membership, while benchmarking against other trade and professional organizations. 

Develop and manage revenue potential beyond membership dues such as sponsorship, exhibits, and advertising.

Support advocacy efforts, policy influence, and strength your public impact.

Innovative solutions to streamline operations, improve outreach, and enhance impact such as your association management system (AMS).

Assess and develop websites to communicate your mission, engage stakeholders, and drive online engagement.

Our company’s employees have benefitted greatly from the services provided by NAHAD. Under their team’s watch, the organization continues to grow in membership and services. The NAHAD staff consistently reacts to the changes in our industry, developing new programs and augmenting current ones to meet the needs of NAHAD members. NAHAD’s program offerings are useful to any industry professional, and their implementation of training curriculum benefits the entire community in which we serve.
Sam Petillo
Former NAHAD 2021-2022 President

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