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Serving Organizations in Europe for Over 30 Years

Established in 1988, Kellen’s Brussels team has more than three decades of experience serving associations, membership organizations, and special interest groups across Europe. Our team of more than 40 experienced professionals in Brussels serves 30+ organizations with European and global membership, offering special practices in communications, European and international affairs, management services, and strategic guidance.

Kellen’s European team represents 10+ nationalities and a wide range of industry and practice expertise with extensive relationships across European regions as well as Africa and the Middle East. Whether your organization is based in Europe or seeking European representation abroad, Kellen’s global network is ready to serve your needs.


A word from Maria Teresa Scardigli

Managing Director

Brussels is one of the leading association hubs in the world. It is therefore essential for Kellen as a global company, to have a presence in the heart of Europe. Since 1988, we have been working with both European and international trade associations from our office in Brussels. We are serving associations and have ensured influence across different political levels.  

Our Services

At Kellen Europe we provide the professional staff, administrative support, office space, technology, legal advice and the needed equipment for associations to operate successfully.  

Kellen Europe  provides added value services to advance associations and take them to the next level. At Kellen Europe, we help associations grow and create impact on different levels in line with the association’s vision, mission and goals. Kellen Europe has special expertise in the fields of construction, food, technology, energy and sustainability. 

Association Management  
Kellen is the leading association management company in Brussels. We ensure operational excellence. Kellen association professionals offer decades of experience providing management and governance for European and global industry organizations and trade groups. We deliver world-class operations and in-house specialty services to associations and alliances allowing volunteer leaders to focus on executing their vision and mission in a professional framework.

EU Public Affairs
Our team in Brussels maintains relationships with representatives from the European Commission, the European Parliament, and EU member states in various policy areas. We provide the full spectrum of public affairs services, including policy analysis and communications strategy to ensure your interests are represented among relevant regulatory bodies.

Strategic Advice 
We work to explore new opportunities and provide strategic planning to ensure that the association is ready for challenges in a constant changing environment. Our professionals offer vital insights based on our experience with dozens of associations like yours. No matter your industry, our team is ready to help you define your next stage of growth and success.

Communications, Public Relations & Digital Services
We can make complicated data and information accessible to target audiences and deliver a ‎message in the right format. We combine public affairs with strategic communications and ensure the ‎message is shaped for a specific audience and delivered on the right channel, in line with the associations ‎mission, vision and strategic objectives.‎ Strategic communication for associations is key to promote their benefits, defend the issues important to them, and protect the integrity of their members’ interests. From policymaker outreach to event marketing, social media strategy and crisis communications, Kellen is the leading provider of association communications. 


At Kellen, we work across issues and sectors for the more than 35 clients we  serve. Although we regularly take assignments in every industry, we have a consolidated expertise in the following sectors:  

  • Sustainability  
  • Food  
  • Energy  
  • Agriculture  
  • Construction  
  • Clean tech  
  • Health  

We support both associations and corporations  with strategic advice projects  as we acknowledge that our strategic and execution experience adds value to trade bodies and businesses alike.  

We are a people business

The success of a trade association depends on its people. The beauty of working with Kellen is that we can tailor-make our client teams depending on the needs of your association. We ensure the right person is doing the right job ensuring cost efficiency and effectiveness for the associations across. 

We not only have experts with a broad variety of educational backgrounds, but our people come from all over the world, master different languages, have a deep intercultural understanding and a broad network.  

Kellen provides a dedicated team with the right seniority, expertise, knowledge and skills to support you with the daily management of your association and any other activity that is necessary to achieve success. This approach allows each team members to focus on their  role in the most efficient way. 

We invest consistently in the development of our people, to ensure they develop professionally and navigate association management complexities to take  your organization to the next level.  

Nele Devolder, Vice President 

Contact Point for Kellen Europe

Are you interested in hearing more about our services, do you need strategic advice on a given issue or are you looking for one of our experts to speak at an event? Please get in contact with our Vice President, Nele Devolder.

Join Our Team

We are always curious to receive applications from candidates interested in working for Kellen Europe with the right skills for association management. We also offer internships. For more information, please contact, our HR Director, Sofie Cabeceiro Luiz.


We are located in Brussels and you are always welcome to stop by for a conversation with us.
Av. de Tervueren 188a, 1150 Brussels, Belgium

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