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We understand the inherent challenges and conventional wisdom surrounding volunteer leadership, and we've made it our mission to help volunteer boards create transformational change.
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More than an AMC

Sure, we’re one of the world’s largest providers of full-service management to associations. But our real value is derived from a unique operating platform designed to optimize your organization’s resources, leverage our large team of experts, and modernize delivery of your programs to establish comprehensive and lasting industry leadership. 

Professional or trade associations hire an association management company (AMC) for numerous reasons such as relieving the burden of administrative tasks that can consume a significant amount of time, and taking advantage of specialized expertise and resources that the association may not have in-house such as event planners, specialists who help increase non-dues revenue through sponsorships and exhibits, marketing and digital professionals, financial management, and public affairs.

Our model offers the flexibility for organizations to optimize revenue and programs to drive progress and innovation toward key outcomes.

  • Expert resources when you need them.  

  • Maximum return on investment through enterprise buying power and relationships. 

  • World-class, in-house support teams including advocacy, codes and standards, meetings, finance, marketing and communications, design, education, and technology services.

  • Community of similar organizations with similar goals, and a history of knowledge and best practices to ensure success. 

By working with an AMC, the association’s leadership and volunteers can focus on their core mission and strategic objectives. 

Choose Kellen if you are looking for: 

  • Expertise: With more than 60 years of experience in managing trade and professional organizations, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities for our client partners. We invest in top talent and by working with Kellen, your staff team can be comprised of experts who have gone to the Hill to advocate on behalf of our clients, marketing and communications professionals who have worked on 1000s of virtual and in-person events in their career, coupled with the energy and ideas of our social media experts, to the meeting planners who have practically every major hotel contact as a part of their regular texting cycle. 

  • Access: We love connecting and opening doors to new networks for our client partners. Not only can you build relationships with other like-minded organizations, but in an era where location matters less and less, Washington D.C. is the exception. Moving our headquarters to Washington D.C. gives our clients proximity and visibility to policy decision makers and agencies tasked with real-world regulatory implementation.

  • Resources: You will be introduced to our passionate staff to support your organization, regardless of your location in the U.S., Europe, or Asia, recommended technologies, preferred pricing, and proven infrastructure. We’ve done the work for you and partnered with the best of the best.  

  • Flexibility: Kellen understands that every organization is different and we are flexible in our customized services. Some organizations need more public affairs than meetings management, while others need a full strategy for membership retention, acquisition, and engagement. We will work within your budget while providing recommendations to get you where you need to be.   

  • Communication: Kellen believes in strong communication skills and being responsive to our client’s needs and concerns. 

  • Financial stability: We believe in helping our associations remain strong financially, and will recommend investments, strategies, and approaches in reaching your financial success. 

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