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Revised: March 18, 2019

This Data Collection and Privacy Policy explains the manner in which Kellen and our official website,, collect and use data about website visitors and subscribers. We are committed to transparency in the way we collect and use an individual’s data, and encourage you to remain familiar with the policies described here.

We may modify or amend this policy from time to time at our discretion. When we make changes to this notice, we will update the revision date at the top of this page, and application of any changes to the terms outlined here to you and your data will take effect on the revision date as noted.

We encourage you to periodically review this Privacy Policy to remain informed about how we collect and use data.

About Kellen and

For the purposes of this policy, all references to “our website” or “this website” refer specifically to the content housed on and any related subdomains. represents the official website of Kellen, a global association management company and service provider.

Why is Kellen collecting your information?

Whether this is the first time you’ve visited or you come back regularly to view the latest content, we’re here to build a relationship with you – both digitally and personally. In order to better understand how you arrived at our website, which types of content you may be interested in, and how best to continue our relationship, Kellen and may request information about you or automatically collect observational data about your visits to our website.

Much of this data is aggregate, anonymous, statistical information we use to deliver a better digital experience, while other information – the type you volunteer to us – is retained in order to communicate with you via email, advertisements, social media, or other channels.

We are committed to protecting your privacy and ensure transparency in the way we collect and use your data, as outlined in this policy. Any personally identifiable information collected by Kellen is subject to strict security standards and minimally retained for the purposes for which it was collected. Additionally, we do not design content for or intentionally target children for any purpose through this website or third-party digital properties.

How does Kellen protect your information?

Kellen uses a variety of physical, electronic, and governance measures in combination to ensure your personal information remains secure and current, including:

  • Building- and office-specific security measures to ensure only authorized employees of Kellen may access facilities that may store your information
  • Education and training to ensure Kellen staff are aware of privacy obligations when handling personal information
  • Governance controls to ensure data is only accessible by individuals who need to use it
  • Technological security measures, including firewalls, data encryption, and network anti-virus software

While these security measures protect your data under Kellen’s roof, transmitting your data to us over insecure Internet networks may temporarily put your data at risk. Whenever possible and within our control, communications with Kellen properties will be subject to our protective measures. uses Cookies

In order to provide you with a more personalized experience interacting with Kellen and, this website collects and stores certain information about your visit. This is done using Cookies. Cookies are small files downloaded to your device by a server on behalf of this website. When you come back to visit again, your browser will send these Cookies back to us website so we can recognize you and your user preferences.

Whenever you visit, information may be collected through the use of Cookies and other technologies. By using this website you agree to our use of data as described in this policy. If you do not accept the use of Cookies by, please disable them following the instructions in this policy or changing your browser settings so that Cookies from this website cannot be placed on your computer or mobile device.

For more information about Cookies and how they work, visit the website of the U.S. Federal Trade Commission.

What types of Cookies are used by

Some of the Cookies we use are necessary to enable you to move around the website and use its features. For instance, depending on which part of the world you’re located, we may deliver certain content in a language more commonly used in your region or highlight content more relevant to your country. If you select any preferences related to this website, these Cookies will also remember your selection for future visits. These preferences are not associated with your personal information such as name or email address. also uses analytics platforms to help inform us about how site content is being consumed and to identify opportunities to make it better. These platforms may use Web beacons, tracking pixels or other similar tools to collect information about visitors such as how many people visit each day, which pieces of content they view, and which devices and browsers they’re using to view the site.

This website does not use targeting Cookies to deliver advertisements within its content, but similar Cookies may be used by other, third-party websites you visit in delivering advertisements about Kellen. We may, however, use Web beacons or pixel tags to determine which visitors arrived at this website as a result of viewing or clicking on an advertisement on another website. We also work with websites and servers involved in serving advertisements about Kellen to collect data in order to determine the effectiveness of advertising efforts and to better serve advertisements relevant to your interests. The use of these elements does not provide us with any personal information about you, and we do not use this technology to access your personal information. It is used only to compile aggregated data about users who visit this website and to gauge the effectiveness of our ads. Web beacons do not place information on your device, but may work in conjunction with Cookies to monitor activity. You cannot remove or block Web beacons, but you can remove or block the Cookies they work with to prevent the collection of information about your user activity.

Data collected by the platforms described here are used anonymously to improve how this website works, and Kellen does not use these platforms to identify personal information without your knowing. However, if at any time you submit a form on the website containing your personal contact information, we may combine data from different platforms to better understand your experience and respond to your requests.

Controlling and Removing Cookies

By using this website, you agree to the placement of Cookies on your device as described in this policy. If you would prefer that Cookies not be used to improve your visit, you can control and manage Cookies in various ways. Please bear in mind that removing or blocking Cookies can impact on your user experience and parts of this website may no longer be accessible as they were designed to be used.

If you do not accept the use of these Cookies please disable them in your Web browser settings. For instructions to disable Cookies on your browser, visit Google Support.

Email Communications

Kellen may use tracking technologies to determine whether you have read, clicked on, or forwarded certain emails we send you in order to improve our communication efforts. If you prefer that we be unable to confirm whether you have opened, clicked on, or forwarded our communications, you will need to unsubscribe using the link in the footer of any email. Registered subscribers can update their communication preferences at any time by contacting us at

How long will Kellen keep your information?

Kellen will hold your personal information in our systems as long as is necessary to complete relevant activity or services. In the case of litigation or other legal matters, Kellen may retain your information beyond the scope of our services or activities as required by law.

Will Kellen share your information?

Kellen may share your information between internal teams and/or databases, only as needed and always within the security of Kellen’s protective standards and the thoroughly vetted protective standards of Kellen’s vendors. Should your information be requested from Kellen by government authorities or with regard to legal proceedings, Kellen will cooperate to the extent that data sharing activities do not infringe upon the rights granted to you by appropriate governing and regulatory authorities in your region.

Kellen and its clients are actively engaged on several social media platforms, and certain components of those platforms may be integrated with content on Be aware that information you share with Kellen through third-party platforms such as social media cannot be protected under Kellen’s security measures and, in some cases, may be visible to other users of those platforms. For information regarding the protection of your data on third-party websites, please refer to their respective privacy policies.

What are your rights?

While laws and privacy rights differ from region to region, Kellen recognizes that you have universal rights with regard to your privacy and our use of your data.

  • You may request confirmation that Kellen is retaining and processing your personal information, and obtain a copy of data Kellen has retained about you.
  • You may request that Kellen update, correct, or complete the information we retain about you.
  • You may request that Kellen delete all records collected and retained about you. (Note: Once your information is expunged from our systems, we will not retain a record to ensure your data is not collected again following the deletion. New information may be collected about you and a new profile retained as described in this policy.)
  • You may file a complaint with your local regulatory body if you feel Kellen has misused your personal information.

If you are dissatisfied with the way Kellen has collected or used your data, please reach out to us at

Legal Disclosures Related to Your Data

We are required by law to set out in this privacy statement the legal grounds on which we rely in order to process your personal information.

We use your personal information for the purposes outlined above because of: (a) our legitimate interests in the effective delivery of our website; (b) our legitimate interests in the effective and lawful operation of our website so long as such interests are not outweighed by your interests; (c) the legal and regulatory obligations that we are subject to, such as keeping records for tax purposes or providing information to a public body or law enforcement agency.

To the extent that we process any sensitive personal information relating to you for any of the purposes outlined above, we will do so because either: (i) you have given us your explicit consent to process that data; (ii) the processing is necessary for the establishment, exercise, or defense of legal claims, or (iii) you have made the data manifestly public.

Where we are legally required to obtain your explicit consent to provide you with certain marketing materials, we will only provide you with such marketing materials where we have obtained such consent from you. If you do not want to continue receiving any marketing materials from us, you may unsubscribe using the link in the footer of any email.

For questions regarding the collection or use of your data not addressed in this policy, please contact

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