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Communicating with Your Membership in China with New Technology 

Technology is very important for any organization to make communications. Selecting a good communication tool is more important. In China, WeChat has become the most popular communications tool, with 1.3 billion users1, which is not only a tool to connect and interact among users, but also a crucial marketing tool to promote businesses.   

What is WeChat? 

WeChat has become a phenomenon changing deeply the Chinese social and economic behaviors. It is not just a messaging app, it is a super platform, that combines all the communication tools’ functions used in Western countries with the following features:  

  • The key features of WeChat is similar to WhatsApp, like group chats, sending photos, and voice message;  
  • However, it is also similar to social media platforms, such as a newsfeed, a focus on short messages, video calls, a location-based service, games, browser, advanced official accounts, value-added services, as well as a payment system.   

Why and how to communicate with your member by WeChat 

For most Chinese companies, 80% of the business communications are through WeChat, which is why a lot of organizations outside China always feel very difficult to reach their Chinese members. Language is not the only barrier, often the preferred method of communication, even in business, is simply not via email. Like a cell phone, almost every Chinese people has a WeChat account, which uses all types of communication.  

Creating a presence on WeChat to release official information and content to relevant audiences is now the option for nearly every organization in China. Setting up an official WeChat account will be the first thing.  

WeChat’s Official Account Platform is a collaborative social media and promotional service launched for government, media, enterprises as well as well-known individuals. Official Accounts are leveraged to promote company and individual brands, as well as to disperse information to the millions of WeChat users. It is typically used as an effective marketing tool, and raising brand awareness. Organizations could use the platform provides information in a timely and access-friendly as well as provide an easy way for members to reach out to resources, including sales ideas, best practices, innovative technologies, as well as other kinds of member delivery.  

Mobile “Mini Website” 

WeChat official account provides functions of being similar to a “Mini Website”, allowing to set up a simple menu at the bottom of the Official Account’s interface. This can be set with menu items and response actions as required; and by clicking menu items, followers can receive response actions such as receiving the message and going to URL (i.e. landing page). On the website, all official accounts can directly select rich media messages from the materials database as the object of going to the landing page. Advanced features could be set-up direct access to specific resources and information.

Message Broadcast

WeChat’s Official Account provides the function to broadcast messages to an unlimited number of followers (subscription users). The messages can only be broadcast to followers, and for your organization could be used for announcement to members, as well as other followers – who may in turn be potential members. The announcement message can be in different format, i.e. simple text, audio, image, video, and rich media are supported. As such, all kinds of specific member communication can be done, including: 
– Event information posting  
– Annual Meeting  registration 
– Link for member update profile 
– Link for online member application 
– Member Survey & polls 
– Holiday greeting card 
– Link to online publications

Keyword Auto-Reply

The Keyword Auto-Reply function can be set on the WeChat Official Account Admin Platform by adding rules – i.e. keywords or simple sentences for to 60 characters. If a subscription user of the account enters a keyword (up to 30 characters) in the main message menu, an auto-reply with content that you have set in this rule name will be automatically sent to the subscription user. This feature can be used for commonly asked questions (FAQ’s).  
your Member could get the basic information by keyword auto-reply function themselves, for example: 
– Membership requirements,  
– Annual meeting Date & location 
– China Office contact information 
– Link to online publications  

Specific to the associations’ industry, for instance, China office creates a WeChat account for some clients as a service platform for its members in China, to push official information and content to relevant audiences, and maximize the exposure in China market, in the meantime, it is used as a member service platform to reply on membership inquiries in real-time by staff manually or auto-reply functions with the platform. WeChat has its revolution rapidly, and it accelerates more meetings going virtual and live webinars conduected. Affectively using WeChat greatly impact the members, behavior in China, membership value increased, membership retention improved, more frequent and effective communications enhanced.  


With the current rapid-growing user data, WeChat is becoming a one-stop-shop for all Chinese consumers and is offering huge opportunities for brands to connect with their stakeholders. It is important for your organization to consider this planning for your better services for members in China.  

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