Non-dues revenue is built off of strategic partnerships and relationships

The Power of Non-Due Revenues for Associations

Is growing non-dues revenue part of your strategy?

The landscape of association management is constantly evolving, and with that change comes the critical need for diversified revenue streams. Relying solely on membership dues can no longer guarantee financial sustainability. This is where Association Management Companies (AMCs) like Kellen step in, partnering with associations to unlock new avenues for growth. 

Consider a healthcare association client we work with. Through our deep understanding of our clients’ missions and goals, we identified an opportunity to leverage an existing sponsorship arrangement to support a patient population served by another Kellen healthcare client. By facilitating this collaboration, Kellen enabled a $40,000 grant to be awarded to the newly identified organization. This example spotlights the power of an association management company like Kellen, as we can leverage our extensive network and client knowledge to create impactful synergies that unlock new avenues for growth. 

Now, let’s delve into a specific case study that showcases Kellen’s expertise in action. 

Driving Record-Breaking Sales for AMRPA 

The Challenge

In 2023, AMRPA, a leading trade association, set ambitious sales goals for the year. These goals encompassed key revenue streams: conferences, advertising opportunities, and certification sponsorship programs. AMRPA sought to expand their reach and generate significant financial growth. 

Kellen’s Solution

Kellen partnered with AMRPA to develop a comprehensive sales strategy tailored to their specific goals. This strategy involved several key elements: 

  • Market Research: Kellen conducted in-depth market research to understand AMRPA’s target audience and identify untapped sales potential. 
  • Collaborative Approach: Our team worked closely with AMRPA’s board members to gain valuable insights and ensure alignment with the association’s overall vision. 
  • Personalized Outreach: Kellen developed customized outreach plans for potential sponsors and advertisers, highlighting the unique value proposition of AMRPA’s offerings. 
  • Content Creation for Increased Engagement: Kellen’s digital team played a key role in crafting compelling content to enhance the value proposition for sponsors. This included conducting live interviews and creating high-quality videos featuring sponsors at the fall conference. These initiatives served a dual purpose – showcasing sponsor expertise while generating excitement for future events. 
The Impact

The results of this collaborative effort were truly outstanding. Kellen exceeded AMRPA’s overall sales goals by an impressive 40%. This achievement not only surpassed their initial goals, but also marked a significant leap forward, exceeding AMRPA’s all-time sales record by 6.8%. 

Kellen’s commitment went beyond simply securing sponsorships. We added significant value by creating engaging content for conferences.  The high-quality live interviews conducted by our digital team featuring sponsors at the fall conference served as testimonials for future events while also contributing to increased attendance, brand awareness, and the potential for future sponsorship sales. 

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