Kellen Europe launches the podcast series “Associations Unplugged”

A Deep Dive into the association industry and leadership

Kellen Europe, a Brussels-based and leading association management firm, is excited to announce the release of its podcast series, Associations Unplugged. This initiative offers a unique platform for association professionals, thought leaders and industry experts to share insights, challenges, and success stories.

About “Associations Unplugged”

The podcast by Kellen goes beyond the scenes, exploring the dynamic landscape of associations and offers a look at the strategies that drive success. The podcast is hosted by Paul Walsh and guests range from corporations’ representatives, and policymakers to association leaders. The podcast promises unfiltered conversations and thought-provoking discussions that delve into the core of association management.

“We noticed a podcast was missing in Europe focusing on the world of associations. As a leading association management company, we believe it’s our role to mark the importance of companies collaborating to influence future legislation, share knowledge, and collectively advocate for their sector. We currently see momentum, especially now with the European elections only a few months away”, stated Maria Teresa Scardigli, Managing Director at Kellen Europe.

Episode 1: Finding Your Leadership Path: Insights and Lessons from Wouter Vermeulen and Paul Voss

The first episode features an interview between Maria Teresa Scardigli, MD at Kellen Europe and Wouter Vermeulen, Senior Director of Sustainability and Public Policy Europe at The Coca-Cola Company. In the second part of the interview, Paul Walsh discusses leadership mentality and lessons learned together with Paul Voss, the Director General at European Aluminium.

Episode 2: The Balancing Act: Promoting Industry Sustainability without Compromising Authenticity

In this episode Paul Walsh interviews Jori Ringman, the Director General of CEPI, the European Forest Fibre and Paper Industry about the importance of promoting industry sustainability without compromising authenticity.

How to Tune In:

The podcast is available on all major platforms including Spotify, YouTube, and Google Podcasts.

Listen here. Watch here.

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