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Kellen Takes APEX’s Global EXPO to New Heights with Live Social Media Coverage

In today’s digital age, real-time engagement is key to maximizing the impact of events. Kellen’s social media team offers a unique service: live, on-site social media coverage. This case study showcases how we leveraged this expertise to significantly amplify the success of APEX’s annual Global EXPO, a premier event for the aviation industry attracting over 3,000 attendees.

The Challenge

APEX wanted to maximize engagement and awareness for their Global EXPO, targeting a diverse audience including food and beverage companies, technology providers, and airline CEOs.

Kellen’s Solution

Kellen deployed its social media marketing team on-site at the event. This team:

  • Conducted 26 video interviews featuring leaders, attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors. These interviews garnered over 10,800 views.
  • Provided live, on-site social media coverage primarily through LinkedIn.
Measurable Results

Kellen’s strategy resulted in significant growth for APEX’s social media presence:

  • 140,000+ impressions (increase of 1,300% from week before)
  • 7,000+ engagements (increase of 1,800% from week before)
  • 3,500+ link clicks (increase of 3,700% from week before)
  • 4.9% engagement rate (increase of 34% from week before)
  • 387 received messages (increase of 800% from week before)
  • 1,158 new followers (increase of 1,400% from week before and total increase in followers by 4%)
  • 6,845 website users (increase of 150% from week before)

Kellen’s real-time social media coverage not only generated excitement for the event but also significantly expanded APEX’s online reach and audience engagement. This approach positions APEX as a leader in fostering industry connections and propelling the future of aviation.

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