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Growth Example: Re-engaging Lapsed Members

Kellen has a full-service Membership Team that analyzes membership data and trends to produce successful re-engagement campaigns promoting member-only benefits.

Our Membership team focuses on strategic and budgeted growth goals to re-engage members. We monitor engagement data for all campaigns to see how they compare across portfolios and industries, including:

  • Number of conversions to reinstatement
  • Email open and click through rates
  • Promotional codes used
  • Website traffic

Trying to re-engage lapsed members is not always easy. We often like to conduct pilot programs to test the waters. For one of our healthcare groups, we launched a campaign with a discount off their membership dues if they returned by a certain date, and where we shared the sentiment…it’s not the same without you. 

This month-long email series, targeted to lapsed members, yielded positive results – 41.51% average open rate, resulting in 10% of lapsed members reinstating their membership. 

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