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Shape Policy & Drive Impact for Your Association (Replay)

2024 is a whirlwind, and navigating the complexities of today’s environment can feel overwhelming.

Associations, the trusted voices in a world of misinformation, play a critical role in advocating for their industries.

In our recent webinar about legislative advocacy and policy shaping, we tackled how associations can effectively champion their causes. Did you miss it?

This insightful session dives deep with industry leaders:

Moderated by Kellen’s own policy experts, Neil Gottlieb and Chris Krueger, the webinar explores:

  • Mastering Legislative Advocacy in an Election Year: Gain insights into key legislation impacting your industry and develop winning strategies to champion your association’s agenda.
  • Amplifying Your Voice and Shaping Policy: Learn proven communication tactics to cut through the noise and ensure your association’s message resonates with policymakers.
  • Actionable Tips for Success: Get practical advice on tackling the specific challenges facing your association and develop a roadmap to achieve your goals in this dynamic environment.

Don’t miss this opportunity to:

  • Gain valuable insights from industry experts.
  • Learn practical strategies to advance your association’s goals.
  • Develop a plan to navigate the complexities of an election year.

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