Social media and digital growth

Leveraging Social Media and Digital

In order to support growth goals, Kellen develops digital strategies and the results speak for themselves.

In 2023, Kellen clients:

  • Created 10,877 organic posts across all social platforms such as LinkedIn and Meta
  • Garnering 5,241,108 total impressions
  • To a total of 1,583,219 Followers, an increase of 5.9% in 2023, or 62,496 followers
  • Resulting in a total overall engagement rate of 5.2%, an increase of 27% (Compared to 2022)

Engagement Rate by Organization Type:

  • Trade Association Engagement Rate: 5.3% | Increase of 17% (Compared to 2022)
  • Professional Society Engagement Rate: 5% | Increase of 88.1% (Compared to 2022)

Engagement Rate by Vertical:

  • Health Care Vertical Engagement Rate: 4.9% | Increase of 97% (Compared to 2022)
  • Food & Nutrition Vertical Engagement Rate: 5.2% | Increase of 32.5% (Compared to 2022)
  • Building Materials Vertical Engagement Rate: 4.3% | Increase of 21.9% (Compared to 2022)

Paid Digital Advertising
Reaching the right audiences takes a thoughtful approach, a nimble strategy, and clear goals. In 2023, for more than a quarter of our association clients, that meant developing and implementing digital ads on a variety of platforms, with a focus on (but not limited to) Google and LinkedIn. This resulted in:

  • Total Investment: $400,000
  • Total Impressions: 31,000,000+
  • Total Leads Generated: 900 (for member and sales lead generation)

What Did This Achieve? A Case Study…

As part of a yearly investment in paid digital advertising, a ‎campaign was launched promoting attendance of a client’s annual conference. Knowing that this association has a very engaged ‎audience across digital platforms, Kellen Digital capitalized on new methods of reaching users, including Google Performance Max ads, and leveraged other tried-and-true methods of digital ‎advertising delivery, including LinkedIn ads.‎

Ads on LinkedIn directly ‎influenced 393 registrations ‎for the conference, ‎which resulted in over ‎‎$300,000 of revenue — ‎constituting an indirect return-‎on-ad-spend (ROAS) of ‎‎30,000%. Additionally, ‎secondary revenue in the ‎form of new members and ‎certification applications was ‎directly attributable to these ‎ads, which led to just under ‎‎$20,000 of revenue — ‎constituting a direct return-‎on-ad-spend (ROAS) of over ‎‎1,200%.‎

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