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Charting New Heights: How Social Media and On-Site Interviews Amplified a Trade Organization’s Global EXPO Success

A large aviation focused trade organization wanted increased awareness, high excitement and more followers from their annual Global EXPO, which draws over 3,000 attendees something that would be engaging to attendees, which include food and beverage companies, technologies, airline CEOs and more. 

While on-site at the event, Kellen’s Marketing team conducted a total of 26 video interviews – with leadership,  attendees, and exhibitors and sponsors – which resulted in over 10,800 views. Additionally, live, onsite social media coverage (primarily done on LinkedIn) led to:

  • 140,000+ impressions (increase of 1,300% from week before)
  • 7,000+ engagements (increase of 1,800% from week before)
  • 3,500+ link clicks (increase of 3,700% from week before)
  • 4.9% engagement rate (increase of 34% from week before)
  • 387 received messages (increase of 800% from week before)
  • 1,158 new followers (increase of 1,400% from week before and total increase in followers by 4%)
  • 6,845 website users (increase of 150% from week before)

As the organization’s Global EXPO continues to gain momentum and the aviation industry reaches for new horizons, it’s clear that innovation and connection are propelling the skies to even greater heights. With each interaction, each click, and each new follower, we’re collectively advancing the journey of aviation into a future filled with limitless possibilities.

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