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Unveiling Success: Strategic Member Base Expansion

Expanding your member base is an art, and it extends beyond reengaging with lapsed members. It’s about casting a wider net, reaching out to those who may not even be aware of your organization’s existence. In this journey, timing, value demonstration, message consistency, and meticulous follow-through become the keys to unlocking unprecedented growth.

A Case Study…

A Kellen client in the energy vertical wanted to expand its base of prospective members in ‎both domestic and international markets. Previous cold outreach had limited success; warm, ‎incoming leads were needed to increase the response rate and rate of potential new ‎member conversion. A member wish list was leveraged and specific targeting criteria were ‎applied to hone on an audience that was most likely to include qualified new members for the ‎client.‎

Kellen recommended a content marketing strategy to help attract qualified leads which was executed for three months. During this time, the content ads were delivered to users’ ‎feeds 450,000 times, and 450+ leads were obtained at an average cost of $7.30 per lead ‎‎(CPL) — significantly lower than the LinkedIn full-platform average CPL of $40-$100. The volunteer membership committee and Kellen followed up with these leads and invited them to learn more about the association. This resulted in increased awareness, invitations to individuals who were unaware of the benefits of the association, and growth in new members.

This case study showcases the power of strategic content marketing, targeted outreach, and dedicated follow-up in expanding and fortifying your member base. Are you ready to unlock your organization’s growth potential? Let’s dive into the details of this success story and pave the way for your association’s future triumphs.

We’d love to talk to you about your current content marketing strategy and how we can potentially help enhance it and achieve your goals.

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