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Kellen’s public affairs team creates powerful advocacy strategies, raises awareness for our clients’ initiatives, identifies key stakeholders and establishes partnerships, develops messaging and communication plans, and organizes events and campaigns that make a considerable impact. 

Our team works with trade groups and professional societies advocating across legislative, regulatory and rulemaking bodies at the state, federal and international levels. We represent the missions of more than 120 organizations around the world, working on specific pieces of legislation and long-term strategies for engaging government and regulatory stakeholders.

A Case Study…

In 2023, the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) proposed a major addition to the ‎already rigorous REACH chemical safety assessment process: the addition of a ‎mixture assessment factor (MAF) to every chemical in the registration database that would have been introduced in 2024. The Kellen Public Affairs team partnered with one of our trade associations that would have been affected by this proposal. We highlighted that this rule would have a severe economic impact despite the lack of a scientific basis for the proposal. The association funded the presentation by a third-party ‎scientist at a European industry research association workshop, ‎presented a critique of the proposal at a European science conference, ‎and published two scientific critiques of the MAF in its online journal. ‎ECHA postponed plans to introduce the MAF in 2024. It is unknown if the proposal ‎will be introduced at a later date.

This exemplifies the power of strategic advocacy, scientific critique, and collaborative efforts in influencing regulatory decisions.

Kellen’s public affairs team not only meets challenges head-on but also shapes outcomes, making a lasting difference for our clients and the industries we serve.

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