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Charting Impactful Paths

Kellen’s public affairs team creates powerful advocacy strategies, raises awareness for our clients’ initiatives, identifies key stakeholders and establishes partnerships, develops messaging and communication plans, and organizes events and campaigns that make a considerable impact. 

Our public affairs team works with trade groups and professional societies advocating across legislative, regulatory and rulemaking bodies at the state, federal and international levels. We represent the missions of more than 120 organizations around the world, working on specific pieces of legislation and long-term strategies for engaging government and regulatory stakeholders.

A Case Study…

A trade association in our food vertical encountered several media crises in 2023. In February, a study alleging negative health impacts of one of the industry’s products was published by a prominent journal. Kellen knew of and was prepared for the release of this new study in advance. Kellen’s team quickly got to work evaluating the study, handling media relations, updating members and providing them with recommended strategies. Specifically, our strategic communications team conducted media tracking, social listening, sentiment evaluation, and developed a landing page about the product, which provided one-stop information for stakeholders seeking information.

The association’s statements were included in almost all the significant media coverage, which helped to positively impact most mainstream/trade media stories. Some of the coverage included: CNN, USA Today, Washington Post,, People, and Forbes.

Our client was the only leading industry voice on this issue globally.

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