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Professional Society: Social Media Stats 2023

Unveiling Success: Kellen Marketing’s Impact on Professional Societies in 2023
At Kellen, we take pride in helping to steer the narrative for our clients. Within the realm of professional societies, where individuals are members, we’ve seen tremendous growth in engagement. Our strategic partnership with social media management system (SMMS) Sprout Social, has allowed us to not only set benchmarks but to surpass them, creating a digital footprint that speaks volumes.

Leveraging the Power of Social Media:
Harnessing the capabilities of Sprout Social’s content tagging system, we’ve delved deep into our robust portfolio of professional society clients. The impact has been profound, with results echoing across specific verticals and segments. Our commitment to excellence shines through in the statistics, revealing a story of growth, engagement, and influence.

Results Showcase:
In 2023, our work has propelled content for professional society groups to be seen over 1,400,000 times, marking a significant digital presence. What’s even more impressive is the net follower growth, surpassing 13,000—a testament to the resonance of our strategies.

Exceeding Industry Standards:
Our dedication to excellence extends beyond visibility to engagement. With an average engagement rate of 5%, we’ve outperformed industry giants like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. This not only speaks to the quality of our content but also the effectiveness of our approach in fostering meaningful connections.

User-Generated Impact:
The power of active and efficient social media management is further underscored by the over 9,000 mentions of our clients from user-generated posts. It’s a testament to the community built around our professional societies, creating a ripple effect of positive conversations and shared experiences.

Looking Forward:
As we reflect on these accomplishments, we recognize that this is just the beginning. At Kellen, we remain committed to pushing boundaries, setting new standards, and continually elevating the digital presence of our professional society clients. 

capabilities) and Kellen Marketing’s robust portfolio of clients, benchmarks and results can be seen across the board for specific verticals and segments. One of those segments is professional societies.


  • In 2023, Kellen Marketing’s work on its portfolio of professional society clients has led to content for these groups being seen over 1,400,000 times and a net follower growth of over 13,000.
  • The average engagement rate achieved is 5%, higher than Twitter’s average engagement of 0.5%. Facebook’s of 1-2%, LinkedIn’s of 2% and Instagram’s of 0.98%.
  • Active and efficient management of these groups’ social media also led to over 9,000 mentions of clients from user-generated posts.

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