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Devoted to propelling organizations to success, we equip you with strategic insights, industry-leading best practices, cutting-edge technology, and top-tier talent to realize exceptional outcomes.
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Expertise in full-service management

Our model empowers trade associations and professional societies by offering flexibility and scalability. In the realm of association management, where dynamic needs and diverse membership bases are the norm, our approach ensures adaptability to evolving demands.

Access, connections & perspectives

Kellen serves some of the leading global organizations from offices across Asia, Europe and the United States. We work with various verticals such as Food & Nutrition, Healthcare, Building and Trade, and Energy. We help “connect the dots” and broaden your footprint strategically and cost-effectively.

Framework for operational excellence

Thinking of great ideas is one thing, but actually putting it in motion is another. Our experts help you think through your strategy, define your mission, and deliver initiatives for the betterment of your industry or profession. We set the standard for successful associations with the blueprint for operational excellence.

“Associations Unplugged” Podcast by Kellen is a straightforward podcast that explores the journeys, challenges, and triumphs of association leaders and industry experts. In each episode, we will sit down with influential voices from the association world to discuss their experiences and insights. We’ll dig deep into the issues and opportunities facing associations today, and explore the ways leaders are shaping the industry’s future.

Our Services

Take Your Organization to the Next Level

Strategic Growth

For sustainable growth and engagement to occur, your strategic objectives must align with your vision, mission, and financial state. We can help develop and implement strategic plans, conduct market research, evaluate the effectiveness of existing programs and initiatives, identify new opportunities for growth and expansion, and share how to best leverage technology and digital marketing to reach a broader audience and achieve greater impact.


Engage your membership with community, events, and valuable professional and personal development resources; acquire new members through segmentation, value, and influence; retain members through gratitude, communication, and commitment.

Advocacy & Awareness

Create effective advocacy strategies, raise awareness for your cause, identify key stakeholders and establish partnerships, develop messaging and communication plans, and organize events and campaigns to amplify your message. Expand your reach and make a greater impact.

Non-Dues Revenue

Identify new revenue streams, evaluate existing ones, develop and implement new fundraising initiatives, create effective sponsorship packages, identify potential sponsors, manage relationships, create and market educational programs, conferences, and other events that generate revenue. Diversify your revenue streams and achieve financial sustainability.


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