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With 65+ years of expertise, we deliver seamless execution and sustainable growth, freeing you to focus on your mission.

Drive Results Through Operational Excellence

Kellen provides the executional rigor and framework to turn ideas into reality and achieve your objectives. Our customized, agile model streamlines operations while alleviating common challenges like staff transitions and financial hurdles.

Strategic Vision & Sustainable Growth

We bring a deep well of association management expertise to your organization. Our team of seasoned professionals are not just experts in marketing, strategic communications, and public affairs, they get the job done with a proven track record of success.

Amplify Your Voice & Shape Policy

Kellen puts you in the heart of Washington D.C., granting direct access to key decision-makers and fostering connections with other like-minded associations and industry leaders. This powerful combination amplifies your voice and maximizes your impact.

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Boosting Media Presence: Kellen secured prominent placements in national media outlets like CNN, USA Today, and Forbes for a client facing a media crisis.

Amplifying Your Annual Event: Kellen’s social media and on-site interview strategy generated a 1,400% increase in followers and a 3,700% increase in website traffic for a client’s annual event.

Maximizing Non-Dues Revenue: Kellen’s strategic partnerships & Development team helped a client partner exceed sales goals by 40% and secure a $40,000 grant

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Amplify Your Association's Impact

Executional Excellence

Kellen provides the operational framework and executional rigor to turn ideas into reality and achieve your short and long-term goals. Our proven approach streamlines association management, boosting efficiency and alleviating common pain points like staff turnover, financial hurdles and program launches. This customizable, agile model frees you to focus on your core mission, not daily operational fires.

Association Management Partners

In today’s landscape of misinformation and AI, credible thought leadership is essential. Kellen’s experts offer proactive insights to keep you ahead. As your strategic partner, we share best practices, enhance governance, solve problems, and drive measurable growth. Our professionals have a proven track record of growing memberships, increasing non-dues revenue, and shaping your industry’s future.

Policy Advocacy & Collaboration

Leveraging our global presence and Washington D.C. headquarters, Kellen provides unmatched access and visibility. We open doors through our relationships with policymakers, regulatory bodies, and a network of like-minded organizations. This powerful combination, along with our buying power and operational efficiencies, allows us to amplify your voice. Whether securing sponsors, exhibitors, top talent or advocating for change, we maximize your reach and influence.


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